My Creative Process Every artist has a process, this is mine.

Before brainstorming, before designing, before production on any project can begin, the problem at hand must be evaluated.
More importantly, it must be understood. This is the first step in my creative process.

  • What is the message?
  • Who is the target audience?
  • What is the desired result?

Understanding and solving these types of questions is what sets graphic designers apart from fine artists.

Technically, brainstorming can be done by one individual, but the funniest and most productive brainstorming is the result of several people sifting through the mundane solutions, laughing at the ridiculous ones and pushing themselves to think outside the box.

The key to great brainstorming is ignoring everything you have been told isn’t possible. Dream big then, narrow your options.

Designing with a purpose incorporates imagery, color and typography that work in conjunction with copy to convey
a cohesive message. Designing to strengthen a corporate brand requires consistency in both content and graphics.

  • Should the color palette be vibrant and energetic, soft and serene, or bold and confident?
  • What imagery will appeal to the target audience?
  • Does the font match the tone of the message?

The success of a well-designed project cannot be measured by the eye alone. A layout may indeed be beautiful, but did it yield the desired results?